USUAA Pushes Back Against Budget Cuts with Postcard Campaign

by Ammon Swenson Proposed cuts to the University of Alaska system are around 25 million dollars. With UAA already having to make its own cuts, the university’s   student government is pushing back. USUAA organized a postcard campaign to help students connect to their legislators. “The general consensus coming from a lot of the legislators was […]

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Title IX with Lisa Murkowski

by Mariah Brashar In the last year, sexual harassment, rape, and violence against women on college campuses across the country has drawn a national spot light.  After countless allegations against Universities for sweeping sexual assault and harassment complaints under the proverbial rug, the federal government launched a large scale Title IX investigation looking into Universities’ […]

USUAA Hosts Anchorage Mayoral Debate

Last week, UAA’s student government hosted a debate for a handful of Anchorage’s mayoral candidates— Amy Demboski, Andrew Halcro, Lance Ahern, Dan Coffey, Ethan Berkowitz, and Timothy Huit. While the event was a bit more forum than debate, they answered questions on various topics like homelessness and renewable energy. It started with a round were […]

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The Political Pocket Dial

by Mariah Brashar There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned political scandal.  Anchorage might be Alaska’s biggest city, but it’s still a small town.  Small: like you run into people you know at the grocery store.  Small: like you know someone who knows almost everyone new you meet.  In this small town, politicians might be […]

Getting to Know Paul Bauer

Since the election is fast approaching, we’re going to introduce you to another mayoral candidate, Paul Bauer. Bauer originally hails from New York and he’s lived in Anchorage for the last 25 years with his wife Deborah Amy and his two sons.  Bauer volunteered for the army after graduating from college.  He worked as paratrooper […]

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