UAA No-Smoking Policy Co-Creator Discusses Enforcement

UAA has long debated the pros and cons of adopting a smoke-free policy. In April 2014, a student vote decided that UAA will have a smoke-free campus. The policy simply stated has three guidelines: No smoking of any tobacco products in any of the UAA buildings and premises in the U-Med district No tobacco-related advertising or sponsorship on campus Not accepting gifts or grants from tobacco companies (including e-cigs) As the enforcement date of the policy on November 19th, 2015, the question of how the guidelines will be enforced, particularly how to discipline those who smoke on the campus, is raised. The […]

No smoking sign

A picture of the Irish ambassador Anne Anderson

“A Lot of Affinity Between People in Ireland and Alaska”, says Irish Ambassador

On June 26th, Irish Ambassador Anne Anderson visited the Alaska World Affairs Council in Anchorage. Anderson hosted a presentation titled, “Ireland, the US, and EU: A 21st Century Perspective.” KRUA news reporter Anna Lande was able to discuss the economic relationship between Ireland, the United States, and the European Union in a private interview. The United States spends approximately $188 billion per year directly investing in Ireland. The United States accounted for 74% of Ireland’s annual inward investment. When asked, “why does the US invest in Ireland,” Anderson stated, “We [Ireland] work very carefully to put an attractive package to US […]

Voices of UAA: Kenneth Clarke

This week’s victim, uhr, student, was business major Kenneth Clarke. Kenneth Clarke (KC) is the jack of all trades in Anchorage’s nightlife. He is a stand-up comedian, bass guitarist for his bands Thunderfish and Ships Without Harbors, and works as a bartender at Gaslight Bar. In this segment, KC regales KRUA with a story about using his notoriety as a musician to successfully pick up girls, the demands of being a bartender, and how he was introduced to stand-up comedy. Also, KC gives KRUA an exclusive listen to one of his comedic bits!  Word of caution:  the segment is about mothers, not mine but maybe yours. Welcome to our weekly segment, Voices […]

A picture of Kenneth Clarke

A picture of four wood bison, one of them a calf

Reintroducing Wood Bison to Alaska

After a century-long absence, wood bison were reintroduced to Alaska in March this year. The wood bison are the largest land mammal in North America, at approximately 2,000 lbs and 6 feet height at the shoulder. The KRUA studios welcomed Scott Michaelis, Director of Marketing at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, to inform our listeners about the current state of the Wood Bison. Difficult environment Despite nine wood bison perishing in ice this May, Michaelis is confident the wood bison will be able to survive the treacherous Alaskan environment. “We have every expectation that we will see ten percent mortality […]

So… What does USUAA actually do?

On June 19th, KRUA’s Anna Lande met with USUAA president John Taylor to join him in his morning routine. Lande and President Taylor discussed what policies he would like to enforce, his opinion of past USUAA policies, and what USUAA actually provides for students. If you would like to voice your opinion or just watch your student representatives in action, visit the USUAA assembly meeting on June 24th at the USUAA office.  

John Taylor, President of USUAA