Surprising Seawolf Comeback Is Not Enough to Defeat Missouri State

While the Seawolves were able to climb out an early point deficit with the Missouri State Bears, the Division 1 Bears still managed to end up on top. The final score in the Men’s Seawolves’ second game in the Shootout was 55 to 51 in favor of the Bears. The Missouri State team was able to strike a […]


Long Beach 49ers Win in Close Championship Game With UAA Women’s Seawolves

The Women’s Championship of the Great Alaska Shootout came down to a close game as the UAA’s Seawolves faced the Long Beach 49ers. In the end, the 49ers edged out a 69-60 win and ultimately the championship of the women’s tournament. Though hot off their victory over Yale yesterday, the Seawolves kept the game close […]

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UAA Students Discuss U-Med Road Access Project

 By Ammon Swenson, Reporter Last week, a public meeting was held at UAA to discuss the U-Med Northern Road Access Project. Professor Shannon Donovan led the students that hosted the event. She called it a service-learning project for students in her Environmental Planning and Problem Solving class. Around 100 community members and students were there. […]

The News Feed From November 21st

While finding a parking spot on campus can be a pain, trying to find a parking spot on a comet is pure insanity. Imagine instead of a car its a probe and instead of campus your probe is near the orbit of Jupiter. Well that is basically what the European Space Agency has been dealing these […]

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