Dos Manos: A Tale of Two Hands

Resting in a strip mall off of Northern Lights, Dos Manos leads a quiet revolution. They sell everything from cloth-based toys to shirts with ironic Alaskan sayings on them. At the side of the store rests an art gallery, where you can see for yourself how a retail store can make a difference. For local artists, stores like Dos Manos are what keep them afloat between fairs and markets. I sat down to speak with Kara, one of the owners, about the history of the store and why they choose to support local artists.  



Anchorage Market Celebrates 25 Years

The Anchorage Market celebrates its 25th anniversary this summer. In honor of this milestone year, Bill Webb, owner of the Anchorage Market, took some time to talk with KRUA about the origin and evolution of the market. He also told us what we should expect to see at the market this season.

UAA Club Council: Funding During A Budget Crisis

Clubs play a large role in student life at any universities. But what happens to Student Life on a campus where funds are scarce and budgets are being cut? I sat down with Club Council Business Manager Sarah Holland and Chair Michael McGuffin, to talk about the struggle of funding clubs during a time of financial restriction.



The Sound of Music

Music plays a big part in Alaskan culture. From the heavy metal scene to Salmonfest, music is a quick find in Alaska. At the foundation of the music scene are dedicated teachers who inspire young people to pick up an instrument. I sat down with Monica Letter, the operator of Girls’ Rock Camp Alaska, to talk about her experience inspiring tomorrow’s musicians.

Stalking the Bogeyman

KRUA’s Kyle Stropes sits down with David Holthouse, the writer of and inspiration for “Stalking the Bogeyman” as well as Devin Frey, who plays the main character, to learn more about the play. Frey and the cast of “Stalking the Bogeyman” will go on tour to Mat-Su, Homer, Valdez, and Fairbanks after the Anchorage performances are done. Holthouse is currently working on the script for his next play, which is also about a personal experience of his. The earliest the play will debut is in 2018.


Alysha Devine and UAA Women's Basketball

Voices of UAA: Alysha Devine

College students know school can be challenging. But imagine trying to conquer assignments, papers and finals while also balancing your time as a devoted student athlete. Alysha Devine, the UAA women’s basketball team co-captain, is doing exactly that. As the team’s co-captain she joined the UAA Women’s Basketball team in ranking sixth in women’s NCAA Division II basketball in Indianapolis on April 4, 2016. The UAA women’s team fell to the Lubbock Christian with a final score of 78-73. Devine took time away from perfecting her three-point shot to meet with KRUA and discuss her family, basketball, and being a student athlete at UAA.

Terrorism Simulation At UAA Trains First Responders

Terrorism often feels like a far-away subject, but for Anchorage emergency response teams it’s something that is very real. On April 1st the Beatrice McDonald Hall shut down in order to simulate a terrorist attack on a group of students, who were played by volunteers. News Reporter Abigail Slater spoke with Fine Arts Building Manager Cedar Cussins and Emergency Manager Ron Schwartz  to find out what goes into making a simulation like this a reality.



Talking Alaska in Glasgow

During a recent trip to Glasgow, Scotland news reporter Kyle Stropes stopped a Starbucks barista and two student filmmakers, who were filming street performers in the City Center, to ask them about their perception of the state of Alaska. Naturally, they  thought that Alaska was a cold and  rural state, but that was the extent of their knowledge of the Last Frontier. However, they all  had one thing in common…Alaska was on their to-do list.

Voices of UAA: Liz Savage

School is tough no matter who you are. But imagine having the military relocate you across the country from your hometown then having your hip give out, all while trying to produce a film and juggle a full load of classes. That was what happened to Liz Savage Spring of 2015. Liz is currently a senior student in the Journalism program, and after a year of recovery from hip surgery she came in to talk to us about what it’s like to pursue a dream while dealing with health issues.


Marijuana Plant

Talking Marijuana Legislation Amidst Anchorage Spice Problem 1

Spice, an illegal form of synthetic marijuana, has become a chronic issue on Anchorage’s streets. This cheap drug is popular among Anchorage’s low income and homeless population, it elicits a quick high and effects people differently. KRUA spoke with Assemblyman Ernie Hall who sits on the Assembly Committee on Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana. KRUA also interviewed Nicole Crites, whose husband runs a Medical Marijuana business and who has been giving free Marijuana to people who will destroy their Spice in front of her, about the possibility of the legal retail sale of marijuana providing a legal and safer alternative to spice.