Stalking the Bogeyman

KRUA’s Kyle Stropes sits down with David Holthouse, the writer of and inspiration for “Stalking the Bogeyman” as well as Devin Frey, who plays the main character, to learn more about the play. Frey and the cast of “Stalking the Bogeyman” will go on tour to Mat-Su, Homer, Valdez, and Fairbanks after the Anchorage performances are done. Holthouse is currently working on the script for his next play, which is also about a personal experience of his. The earliest the play will debut is in 2018.


Alysha Devine and UAA Women's Basketball

Voices of UAA: Alysha Devine

College students know school can be challenging. But imagine trying to conquer assignments, papers and finals while also balancing your time as a devoted student athlete. Alysha Devine, the UAA women’s basketball team co-captain, is doing exactly that. As the team’s co-captain she joined the UAA Women’s Basketball team in ranking sixth in women’s NCAA Division II basketball in Indianapolis on April 4, 2016. The UAA women’s team fell to the Lubbock Christian with a final score of 78-73. Devine took time away from perfecting her three-point shot to meet with KRUA and discuss her family, basketball, and being a student athlete at UAA.

Terrorism Simulation At UAA Trains First Responders

Terrorism often feels like a far-away subject, but for Anchorage emergency response teams it’s something that is very real. On April 1st the Beatrice McDonald Hall shut down in order to simulate a terrorist attack on a group of students, who were played by volunteers. News Reporter Abigail Slater spoke with Fine Arts Building Manager Cedar Cussins and Emergency Manager Ron Schwartz  to find out what goes into making a simulation like this a reality.



Talking Alaska in Glasgow

During a recent trip to Glasgow, Scotland news reporter Kyle Stropes stopped a Starbucks barista and two student filmmakers, who were filming street performers in the City Center, to ask them about their perception of the state of Alaska. Naturally, they  thought that Alaska was a cold and  rural state, but that was the extent of their knowledge of the Last Frontier. However, they all  had one thing in common…Alaska was on their to-do list.

Voices of UAA: Liz Savage

School is tough no matter who you are. But imagine having the military relocate you across the country from your hometown then having your hip give out, all while trying to produce a film and juggle a full load of classes. That was what happened to Liz Savage Spring of 2015. Liz is currently a senior student in the Journalism program, and after a year of recovery from hip surgery she came in to talk to us about what it’s like to pursue a dream while dealing with health issues.


Marijuana Plant

Talking Marijuana Legislation Amidst Anchorage Spice Problem 1

Spice, an illegal form of synthetic marijuana, has become a chronic issue on Anchorage’s streets. This cheap drug is popular among Anchorage’s low income and homeless population, it elicits a quick high and effects people differently. KRUA spoke with Assemblyman Ernie Hall who sits on the Assembly Committee on Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana. KRUA also interviewed Nicole Crites, whose husband runs a Medical Marijuana business and who has been giving free Marijuana to people who will destroy their Spice in front of her, about the possibility of the legal retail sale of marijuana providing a legal and safer alternative to spice.

Staff Picks November 2015!

Welcome back to Staff Picks! It has been a (long, long) while since the last Staff Picks update, so we hope that these amazing albums make up for it. Rococode – Panic Attack by Dylan Blankenship, News Reporter This is a quirky little something from the delightfully named Rococode, a boy/girl duo hailing from Vancouver BC. Produced in an isolated cabin somewhere in Canada this album definitely has some traces of that cabin fever vibe. A strange blend of synths, guitars, loop, and drums this album almost seems like it was written as a soundtrack for the next Sundance Film […]


Courtesy UAA Athletics

UAA Athletics Student Fee Increase Request Withdrawn

Athletics Director Keith Hackett, his hair more salt than pepper, walks down the hall to his office in the Alaska Airlines Center. Along the way he stops to greet the office staff, he seems to know all their names. He pauses to discuss the lovely Alaskan art on the walls and explains that the long, lonely and plain wall without art is meant to showcase student art in the near feature. Reaching his office Keith, jovial and friendly, takes a seat ready to talk about why he withdrew his request for a $5 per credit increase in the Athletics student fee. […]

Darkstar – Foam Island

I had no clue what to think when I put this album in and hit play. Darkstar, an electronic duo based in the UK, start their newest album “Foam Island” with looped statements, segments taken from interviews conducted and recorded by the artists themselves. “… kindness and honesty. Just… basic things.” says one of the interviewees, likely reflecting on relationships and the state of life in North Yorkshire, where the interviews took place. The melancholy vocals interact with the upbeat, almost poppy melodies and help Darkstar build a facade to mask all problems, a parody and commentary on the state […]

10 30 2015 Darkstar - Foam Island

Photo Credit: Cornerstone General Contractors

Consortium Library North Entrance Waited 12 Years

We recently brought you a story covering renovations to be done on the UAA/APU Consortium Library in Fall of 2016. After hearing that story Library Dean Steve Rollins contacted us with more pertinent information. He shared some of the history of the library as well as justifications for the Library north entrance project being done now. He said it was recognized in 2004 during widespread library renovations that the library would need a north entrance. An exit was placed where the future north entrance would be installed. Dean Rollins said a north entrance could not be justified at the time, but […]