Welcoming President Obama to Anchorage

August 31st was a big day for Anchorage. The presidential visit brought out the best of everyone in the United States most diverse city. Tune in to hear about Rising Together the event hosted on Monday August 31st to welcome President Obama, and hear what Americas most diverse celebration sounds like.​

President Obama

08 29 15 Silicon - Personal Computer

Silicon – Personal Computer   Recently updated!

Technology. Communication. Emoji. The main ingredients of Silicon’s “Personal Computer” mirror the obsessions of today’s youth. Necks constantly bent down, looking at their phones in anticipation of a notification, a lifestyle which Silicon simultaneously lives and mocks without mercy. R&B and electronic are fused consistently throughout “Personal Computer” with funky bass lines and simple yet ethereal synthetic melodies. Silicon’s vocal style harkens back to the 80s with a hint of modern heartache, often having the melody follows the lyrics, or vice versa. The first song “Personal Computer” begins with a somewhat jarring computer-like voice, but then draws in the listener immediately with fuzzy, comforting tones. The vocals are halfway between mumbling and shouting, another layer that adds to the immersive […]

What Wells Fargo Complex Renovation Means for Students

As you may have noticed walking through the spine this week, the Wells Fargo Sports Complex is being renovated. Curious  how your tuition is being spent, or what happened to the Tanaina Center? Heard about the new stationary bike room yet, or how about the renovated dance classroom? Find out what is new and available for UAA students with us!

Wells Fargo Sporta

A photo from campus kick-off 2014.

Campus Kick-Off: Starting the year with a howl

Did you go to this year’s campus kick-off? ​It was this reporter’s pleasure to cover it. UAA welcomed this year with, not a bang, but a howl. Want to know what students thought? What really happened at Fred Meyer night? Some advice from the older students? Here’s your chance to relive your favorite moments from Saturday’s shindig. Welcome back, everybody. I’ll see you in class, if I can get this waking up thing down.

Voices of UAA: Darlee Blankenship

Darlee Blankenship is one of UAA’s new incoming students. A transfer student from Riverton, Wyoming, she has come to Alaska to further her degree in education. Here what this student has to say about Anchorage, the University and why she came. For all the other transfers out there, I am sure you can relate



Hembree – New Oasis

Have you been looking for an EP that completely encompasses the majority of KRUA’s music library? Well if you have, this is what you’ve been looking for. Hembree’s EP “New Oasis” provides a relatively broad range of musical styles within the context of modern indie rock, and it does so in an incredibly short amount of time. Only 4 tracks long, everyone can find the time to enjoy it. I must admit, I was not immediately impressed by “New Oasis”. The first song on the album, “Walk Alone”, opened with a generic Modest Mouse-style riff, and even the title of the song bored me. While “Walk Alone” does manage to provide that mid-to-late 2000s feeling, I had trouble finding anything […]

The American Lion Sculpture: Cool New Cat on Campus

If you are the observant type, you may have noticed the newest rock in our rock garden. It is a 26,000 pound limestone cat. The statue is made to represent the American Lion, the largest cat animal known to man. An American Lion skull was found in the Alaska interior in 1995 and was carbon dated at 19,250 years old. Sculptor Meg White was commissioned by UAA to build this artwork to draw passersby into the garden. I couldn’t help but get a closer look.

A picture of the new American Lion sculpture on the UAA campus.

Roamin' Jasmine

Meet The Roamin’ Jasmine!

Wednesday July 29, we had The Roamin’ Jasmine, a band from New Orleans, live in the studio. They talked for a while and then played three exclusive songs for us!! Here’s the full interview. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  

Love is in the Air: Alaska Airlines Offer LGBT Discount

Note: Scroll down for complete audio file. On June 26th of this year, the US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, thereby normalizing all relationships, both straight and gay. Every US citizen can receive the same benefits and hardships that come with marital bliss. However, government and private business are not always bound by the same policies. Listeners, Love is in the Air, and it’s cheaper if you are part of the LGBTQ community. We’ve all heard about the bakery that refused to bake wedding cakes for same-sex weddings. However several major airlines – Delta, American Airlines, Southwest, even our very Alaska Airlines, do quite the opposite, by offering an LGBT discount to LGBTQ community members’ tickets visiting Pride destinations. I found very little […]

Alaska Airlines is now offering an LGBT discount for travelers going to Pride destinations.

A photo of UAA gymnast Simone Penker from Austria on beam.

Voices of UAA: Simone Penker

Simone Penker recently returned from Gwangju, Korea, where she represented her home country Austria for the World University Games. A University of Alaska Gymnast, Simone came to Alaska to continue her career in gymnastics as well as gain a degree in Natural Sciences. Learn more about who Penker is in this interview!